Emergent Networks, Now Part of the Presidio Family


by Jamie Anderson | 10.02.2017
Categories: News

Last month you probably heard the big news that we were acquired by Presidio, Inc., one of the largest IT services companies in the country. We’re really excited about this acquisition, because it will enable us to accelerate our growth in this region with the resources that come with a nearly $3b parent company. But just as much as this acquisition represents change for Emergent Networks, the core pillar of our business will always remain a constant. That’s our commitment to forging deep, strategic partnerships with our clients, and enabling businesses to grow with the power of technology.

Our combined core offerings with Presidio will span all facets of IT strategy, solutions and support. They will allow our employees to collaborate with other experts who offer a wide array of experience at a national level. Plus, working as Presidio will give our clients the level of support they’ve come to expect from a family company with the resources of an industry leader dedicated to building the future of IT.

Our family – the more than 130 dedicated individuals who helped make Emergent Networks into the great place it is today – are all staying put, and we’re excited about what this acquisition represents for our business. Most of all, we’re excited about what this means for our clients, because of the backing we now have from one of the clear industry leaders. 

If you have any questions about this announcement, please do not hesitate to reach out. We believe this partnership with Presidio will enable us to do big things, and we’re excited for you to be part of this next chapter in our growth. 

-- Jamie Anderson, President Emergent Networks